Warning of Down Syndrome 2017 POTADS 28 Oct

Warning of Down Syndrome 2017 POTADS

The commemoration of the Day of Syndrome Down 2017 in Jakarta entered the 9th time since 2009. The long journey up and down the children with Down Syndrome in their existence in their lives.

March 26, 2017 is the culmination of a series of World Down Syndrome Day activities that have been pre-written since February. This series of activities is a socialization event for Children with Down syndrome to the general public.

The workshop became a meeting place between PIK (Information and Activity Center) from 6 cities in Indonesia.

All happy. All happy. Parents, sibling, family and community took part in the event enlivened by the artists of the Capital and POTADS Ambassador Elfa’s Singer. Seen the artists are very caring and loving ADS. There is no distance between them.

Thank you for the presence, attention and passion that never goes off to the committee. Thanks to all those who have collaborated in this grand event. To the sponsorship, thanks for the help and cooperation provided. And for all parties we can not mention one by one.

See you next year


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