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Son is the greatest gift that God gives to man and in creating the son of man God has its own secrets. Some children are born normal and some children are born “special”. One of them is a child with Down Syndrome.

Getting a child with Down Syndrome is something very, very unexpected. In general, parents, will experience sadness, stress, guilt, hurt can not accept reality, and so forth, so that the future will be faced with the child will gray.

But do we as parents continue to feel sorry for ourselves and sink into a restless and confused feeling? As time goes by quickly and our child is desperately in need of handling as early as possible.

Departure from above mentioned POTADS realized; The child is the deposit of God where He is the one who has the right to decide what is right and who He believes to be willing to be entrusted.

POTADS always wanted to share the sense that we in the world are not alone entrusted to children with Down Syndrome. We can exchange ideas and support each other’s parents in raising our children.

POTADS does not want parents to waste children with Down Syndrome. We strive to help restore the confidence of the child’s parents with Down’s Syndrome so that they can educate the child to be self-sufficient in accordance with their shortcomings and advantages.

In addition POTADS also informs the public that Down syndrome is not a derivative disease or a dreaded curse. With the affection and guidance of parents of people with Down syndrome is able to train and educate. Not a few of those who achieve

Selain itu POTADS juga menginformasikan kepada masyarakat luas bahwa Sindroma Down bukanlah penyakit turunan atau pun kutukan yang ditakuti. Dengan kasih sayang dan bimbingan orang tua para penyandang Sindroma Down tersebut mampu latih dan didik. Tidak sedikit dari mereka yang meraih prestasi


Starting from the parents of children with Down syndrome who discuss while waiting for children who follow therapy at the Children’s Growth Special Clinic (KKTK) Harapan Kita Hospital. Then in 1997 continued to hold meetings with speakers who invited the doctor from the scope of Harapan Kita Hospital, 3 women who have children with Down Syndrome agreed to make an association with the name of Parent Association of Children With Down Syndrome, POTADS, namely as Chairman Aryati Supriono, Secretary of Noni Fadhilah and Treasurer Ellya Goestiani.

This association was later approved by the Notary on July 28, 2003 to become a POTADS Foundation.

Now POTADS has changed its stewardship with domicile in Tangerang. Consciousness, willingness, openness and feeling should help and socialize about Down Syndrome, POTADS companions in the area are willing to become caretakers and open branches in the region with the name of POTADS Information Center and Activities (PIK POTADS)


The main goal of POTADS is to empower parents of children with Down syndrome to always be eager to help their children grow maximally, so that they can become self-reliant, even achievers that can be accepted by the public; because children with Down Syndrome have the same rights as other children.


POTADS Foundation’s vision is to be the most comprehensive information and consultation center on Down’s Syndrome in Indonesia.


Has a 24-hour accessible information center either by mail, telephone, internet or other communications media.
Provides up-to-date information about Down’s syndrome development both scientifically and from the experiences of others.
Disseminating information about Down syndrome to needy members and places to be accessed by parents with children with Down syndrome, such as Hospitals, Clinics, Puskesmas to Posyandu.
Provide group and individual consultation as needed.
Organizing activities that support the dissemination of information about Down syndrome to the wider community.
Organizing activities that will encourage people to be more concerned and respectful; so they can give equal opportunities to develop in various fields (education, arts & culture, etc.).


The motto of POTADS Foundation is I AM CAN, which is the parent and child spirit generator sentence so that will always try to reach the best; which means that humans with Down syndrome is a creation of God Almighty with all the advantages and disadvantages but still CAN and ABLE do like other human beings


Establish POTADS Information and Activity Center (PIK) throughout Indonesia. Currently PIK POTADS already exist in Medan, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Surabaya and Bali.
Organize meetings with parents of Down syndrome children in collaboration with experts related to child development with Down syndrome (doctors, psychologists, therapists, etc.).
Empower the parents of children with Down Syndrome so they are always eager in guarding the growth of their children with the title MLM Heart; besides through various media such as telephone, e-mail, mailing list, website, social media media like FB, Twitter. All media networks can be accessed 24 hours, namely:


Hotline: 021 – 2870 3000

Email: potads@ymail.com

Mailing list: DownSyndrome-Indonesia@yahoogroups.com

Website: www.potads.or.id

FB: POTADS Foundation


Creating a child-growing guidebook with Down syndrome taken from the experience of parents with Down Syndrome and translating foreign language books on Down’s Syndrome into Indonesian
Build and develop Website POTADS as a container of information and communication about Down syndrome for all Indonesian people. (www.potads.or.id)
Create a container of activities / studio to develop children skills with Down Syndrome.
Make a video of child therapy tutorial with Down Syndrome. Reach out and provide information on Hospitals, Maternity Hospitals, Clinics and therapy sites on Down Syndrome and the presence of POTADS.
Record a child with Down syndrome throughout Indonesia using a network of parents, teachers / therapists, SLB, Clinic Growth, Students and observers of Down Syndrome.


POTADS has a logo of 3 pieces of chromosome number 21 that is like a person dancing; which mean :

3 (three) chromosome number 21 that reflects the type of abnormality that the child has with Down syndrome;
Like ‘dancing’; because generally the child with Down Syndrome is cheerful and friendly to anyone;
BLUE and RED colors which means parents of children with Down Syndrome will always eagerly escort the growth of their special child so that the child will still feel safe and comfortable in the environment.


Membership in POTADS is open to anyone who wants to join free of charge.

POTADS membership is not binding.

Support POTADS with your Donate.

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